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With dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to deposit and withdraw money from your online casino, the choice of the best transaction method becomes quite a challenge. However, when it comes to secure, time-tested gateways, SWIFT casinos are one of the best picks you can make. Being in the game since 1973, SWIFT payments are global, secure, and cost-effective. With over 11,000 SWIFT member institutions connected to the worldwide SWIFT network, you can send your money anywhere, anytime, and with a few clicks of your mouse.

But that’s not all. Now, you don’t even need to do your own research on SWIFT casinos because we’ve already done it for you. We’ve scrupulously investigated the online gambling market to unite the best SWIFT casinos into a single exhaustive list of SWIFT casinos, that you can see below. With dozens of top-notch options at hand, you can easily choose the platform you would like to spend your time with. And if you’re new to SWIFT payments, you might also be interested in learning how to pay with SWIFT fastly and effectively. For this, just keep on reading this guide.

Top Casinos Accepting SWIFT in 2023

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All You Need to Know About SWIFT for Casinos

With over 33.6 million transactions per day, SWIFT is one of the most popular banking networks in the world. Not all banks allow SWIFT transfers to casinos, but there are still more than enough online platforms to pay with SWIFT. In a nutshell, to deposit to your best SWIFT casino, you will need the payee’s bank name, branch address, account number, and in some cases, a SWIFT code, an IBAN, or a BIC to identify which banks are taking part in the transaction. Other than that, the payment procedure is pretty standard.

What Exactly is SWIFT?

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a global network that unites financial institutions to send and receive information about financial operations in a standardized environment. Simply put, SWIFT unites thousands of banks that use the same coding system for payments. Each financial institution is assigned a unique SWIFT code (BIC code, or SWIFT ID, or ISO 9632 code) of eight or 11 characters:

  • First four characters: the code of the institute.
  • Next two characters: the code of the country.
  • Next two characters: the code of the location.
  • Final three characters: the code of the individual branch.

However, SWIFT isn’t the first global financial network: Telex was the only means of international money transfers before SWIFT, but it was neither secure nor fast, and it didn’t have a unified system of codes like SWIFT has now to name banks and process transactions.

As of now, finding an online casino with SWIFT is as simple as replenishing your casino account balance. At the top of this webpage, you can find a tailor-made list of top-notch wire transfer online platforms, so don’t hesitate to register with the casino of your dreams.

SWIFT for Casinos: Pros and Cons

  • Utmost security. The cornerstone values of SWIFT payments are security, reliability, and scalability for smooth payments across a huge network of financial institutions. Traditionally, wire transfers are one of the most secure ways to deposit money to your casino account. SWIFT uses Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) to ensure its high safety level.
  • Global reach. With over 11,000 SWIFT member institutions connected to the global network, you can send payments from any place in the world and to any bank your casino works with. You can do it either by physically visiting your bank department or online by knowing the payee’s bank name, branch address, account number, and the SWIFT code.
  • Effective delivery. SWIFT messages work quite fast: it takes up to 20 minutes to receive a regular message and less than two minutes to receive an urgent one. If payment is not delivered on time, the system will indemnify the losses.

However, there are few shortcomings you may or may not encounter at your online casino for real money with SWIFT:

  • Delayed withdrawals. Withdrawals via wire payments are the slowest; you may have to wait up to 5 or sometimes 7 business days until the money arrives in your bank account.
  • Fees. Some casinos charge extra fees for withdrawing with SWIFT, which may or may not depend on the size of the withdrawal.

Alternatives to SWIFT

Of course, you are not limited to using SWIFT in your new SWIFT casino – in fact, you are free to take advantage of any other deposit and withdrawal method offered by your casino depending on the transaction speed, fees, security, and bonuses you’re willing to get.

The most popular banking methods at online casinos are:

  • Credit & debit cards. VISA & MasterCard payments are still the most popular way to deliver funds to online casinos and withdraw winnings. Card transfers are just as secure as wire transfers, and fees are of the same caliber.
  • Electronic wallets. PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill are widespread at online casinos. E-wallet transfers are near-instant, super-cheap, and quite secure, so that might be what you want.
  • Mobile payments. Almost every desktop payment method is now available on mobile. Credit/debit card and e-wallet payments can be made on mobile via a few taps on the screen, either in a special mobile app or mobile browser.
  • Prepaid cards. Used only for deposits, prepaid cards are anonymous yet of a very limited capacity of up to a few hundred dollars. Fees aren’t good as well. Nevertheless, prepaid cards have found their audience for the privacy they provide.
  • Cryptocurrencies. Being at the top of the game for a while, crypto-payments are quite anonymous (though not completely anonymous, as many imagine them to be), lightning-fast, and cheap. Most up-to-date casinos have already incorporated a few crypto payment options, so you shouldn’t have problems with that.

Paying With SWIFT in Online Casinos

Paying with SWIFT in an online casino is nothing more than moving cash from one bank account to another, and this can be done locally and internationally. Many players choose SWIFT for its security and directness: not only your money is guaranteed to arrive in the account of the payee, but your bank details will not be exposed to intermediaries. Moreover, you won’t have to create an additional account, nor will you have to perform any superfluous actions. As long as you know the payee’s data, you can easily make a SWIFT payment to his bank account.

Getting Started With SWIFT

By joining SWIFT, you get your unique SWIFT Bank Identifier Code (BICT), which allows you to send and receive payment from over 11,000 financial institutions. You don’t have to rely on proprietary bilateral arrangements with correspondents, and this opens many more business options. However, if you’re going to deposit to a casino with SWIFT, the only thing you need is to have a valid bank account with one of the banks connected to the network. And it’s not that hard, considering SWIFT is represented in each and every country of the world. The rest details – that is, the bank name, branch address, and the account number, and the SWIFT code – will be provided to you by the payee (that is, your casino).

Speaking of the latter, if you haven’t yet made up your mind, it’s high time to choose your online casino. At the top of this webpage, you can find a list of top-notch gaming platforms that accept SWIFT payments. Just pick the one you love the most, complete the registration process, grab the most luscious bonus, and try to turn your bonus money into wads of cash!

SWIFT Casino Deposits

To replenish your balance at an online casino with a SWIFT deposit,

  1. Choose a trustworthy online casino. While making a SWIFT deposit is quite simple, selecting your online casino is a real challenge. The good news, though, is that you can narrow down your search to the classy SWIFT casinos selected by our gambling experts. We’ve analyzed myriads of gaming platforms to include the best of them in our top-list of SWIFT online casinos. We would recommend you to skim through the collection and pick one casino that meets your expectations, but, of course, you might do your own research as well. Anyway, you have to pick a casino that will not let you down.
  2. Complete the registration process. Upon registration, you will likely be asked to verify your identity. We highly recommend you to do that since otherwise, you will not be allowed to withdraw your winnings from the casino. Also, if you are asked to choose your account currency upon registration, make sure to choose the currency that you’re going to use for your SWIFT deposits.
  3. Go to the Banking webpage and choose SWIFT. In the Banking section of the casino, you will see the list of deposit methods supported by your casino. Choose SWIFT.
  4. Fill out the payment details and finish the transaction. You will need the following details: the bank name, the branch address, the account number, and the SWIFT number (all must be provided by your casino). Once you’ve filled out the details, including your deposit amount, your job is done here, and now you have to wait for the bank to process the transaction.

SWIFT Casino Withdrawals

If you have already used SWIFT for depositing to your online casino, it will be even simpler for you to withdraw. However, let’s assume you’re withdrawing via SWIFT in a mobile casino or classic casino for the first time, and you’ve used some other deposit method. Here’s how you can withdraw your winnings:

  1. Log in to your casino account. Only logged in members are allowed to make financial operations at online casinos, so, of course, you must be logged in.
  2. Navigate to the Banking page of your casino. Before you proceed to fill out the payment details, make sure you’ve completed the wagering requirements. Also, make sure the withdrawal amount is within the established withdrawal limits. For SWIFT payments, the lower withdrawal limit may be higher than that for other withdrawal methods.
  3. Pick SWIFT as your withdrawal method and fill out the withdrawal details. On the Banking webpage, you will be offered to pick between several supported withdrawal methods. Once you’ve picked SWIFT, you will be asked to provide your payment details: bank name, branch address, account number, and SWIFT code.
  4. Submit the withdrawal request and get your money in due time. SWIFT withdrawals are one of the slowest, so you may have to wait up to 5 or even 7 days until your money arrives in your bank account.


📌  How Does SWIFT Work?
SWIFT is a global payment network that unites thousands of banks of the same coding system. Each financial institution is assigned a unique SWIFT code (also known as a BIC code, or SWIFT ID, or ISO 9632) of eight or 11 characters: the first four characters are used to identify the institute, the next two – the country, the next two – the location, and the last three characters are the code of the individual branch. When you pay with SWIFT, you move the money between two bank accounts of different banks of a single payment network.

As for the casinos that accept SWIFT, there are dozens of ones in our collection on this webpage. Scroll up the page to get to your best source of SWIFT casinos.

📌  How Can I Find Out if an Online Casino Accepts SWIFT?
To find a classic or mobile casino with SWIFT, you should visit the Banking page of the respective casino and check whether it supports SWIFT payments. Or you can skip the DYOR step in favor of our ready-made list of SWIFT casinos.
📌  Are There Any Fees to Using SWIFT in Online Casinos?
The SWIFT network itself does not establish or charge fees – the fees are charged by the banks involved in the transaction. Therefore, the transaction fee will be established by the banks in question. To find out your transaction fee, you can contact your bank customer support or the customer support of your casino. Note that an online casino with a SWIFT deposit may also charge fees for SWIFT withdrawals, and the size of the fee may or may not depend on the withdrawal size.
📌  Which Countries Work With SWIFT?
SWIFT is available in all countries and is supported by over 11,000 financial institutions worldwide, so chances are you will have no problems with receiving SWIFT payments. As for the casinos accepting SWIFT, you can find an extended SWIFT casino list is at the top of this webpage.
📌  Which Currencies Are Supported By SWIFT?
SWIFT itself supports all world currencies, but the list of supported currencies also depends on the banks you’re using for your payment. Note that online casinos that accept SWIFT may not support your bank currency, which is why you may need to convert it to one of the accepted currencies. If so, a conversion fee will be charged.

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